Small groups

Exploring the wonders of Namibia in small groups (min. 6, max. ± 14 participants)

Imagine waking up surrounded by the untouched beauty of Namibia, far away from the routine of your everyday life. You are not alone; around you are a few fellow travelers who will quickly become friends, united by the adventure and magic this country has to offer. You are part of an exclusive group that has the privilege of exploring the wonders of this earth on a tailor-made small group safari from Trip Tours Namibia.

The tour can start with a group size of at least six people. Our safaris, carefully planned and conducted by experienced, German-speaking guides, take you to the treasures of Namibia, to places that would be difficult to reach in larger groups. Our set departure dates give you the flexibility to plan your dream trip in advance, while you can rest assured that every detail has already been arranged for you.

Your accommodation? Only the best of what Namibia has to offer. From charming guest houses to unique lodges and mid-range and upper mid-range hotels, we have carefully selected accommodation that captures the spirit of Namibia and offers you comfort and style in the middle of the wilderness.

Trip Tours Namibia

Imagine a day on your journey: You start early to enjoy the cool morning air and the first rays of sunshine that bathe the landscape in a golden light. Your guide, an expert of the Namibian wilderness, shares his deep knowledge and passion for the country with you as you go on game drives to observe the diverse wildlife that makes Namibia so unique. You may come across a herd of majestic elephants or watch a group of springbok antelope elegantly roaming the desert.

Imagine being part of this journey, a journey that is more than just a vacation, but an experience that will enrich your life and give you stories to tell for years to come. With Trip Tours Namibia, this idea becomes reality. Enter the world of small group safaris and let us take you on a journey you will never forget.