Combo Safaris

The best of both worlds

Combo Safaris

Immerse yourself in an adventure with Trip Tours Namibia that will make your heart beat faster and touch your soul.

Our unique combo safaris combine the best of both worlds: a safari combination with breathtaking views of Namibia's endless expanses from above and close proximity to the wilderness as a self-drive across Namibia. Or book a budget-friendly combination of lodge and camping safari as a self-drive with rooftop tent - a chapter full of special discoveries that go far beyond the ordinary.

Trip Tours Namibia

A night under the stars in Namibia is an experience in itself. Whether in a rooftop tent that gives you the feeling of being able to touch the stars or in a cozy lodge - every night is a promise for the coming day in our wilderness.

But what would a trip through Namibia be without the boundless freedom that only real adventure can offer? Our coastal town of Swakopmund shines when it comes to thrills ... sandboarding off the high sand dunes, quad biking along ancient riverbeds, a hot air balloon ride in the silence, a catamaran ride on our Atlantic Ocean or skydiving over the bustling town - with Trip Tours Namibia, dreams become reality. Every adventure is an opportunity to experience the wild beauty of Namibia from a new perspective and collect stories just waiting to be told.

With our safari combinations, you don't just discover Namibia; you discover yourself. Between heaven and earth, in the silent embrace of the desert and under the twinkling tent of the Milky Way, you will find adventures that touch your soul and memories that last forever. Come with us on a journey where the wilderness calls and the heart answers. Because in Namibia, the land of contrasts and wonders, your next great adventure awaits.