Wonderful travel tips for Namibia

Namibia is the ultimate dream destination in Africa. It has everything the traveler with a more adventurous soul could be looking for. But because it's such a far-flung destination, you wouldn't be the first or the last to worry that such an epic tour could be hugely expensive.

Before you let your cost fears ruin your travel dreams, we are pleased to inform you that Namibia offers a wealth of experiences that won't break your budget.

In this guide, we give you money-saving tips and itineraries that are sure to help you experience the true magic of Namibia on a budget.

Important tips for price-conscious travelers

Travel essentials such as accommodation, food and activities are not only important considerations but often the biggest expenses. To help you save money, especially when booking

Accommodation: Avoid the luxury lodges and stay at campsites or guesthouses instead. Many national parks offer affordable campsites with basic facilities. Namibia also has a network of community campsites run by local villages that offer a comfortable stay as well as a unique cultural experience.

Transportation: Self-driving is always an exciting and cost-effective option, especially if you are traveling with a group. If you are traveling off-road, you will most likely need to hire a four-wheel drive vehicle, but a sedan is also perfectly suitable for more accessible destinations. There are also public transportation options such as buses. These options are limited, but can be an adventure for the truly budget-conscious. You can also hitch a ride with locals, although safety should always come first.

● Food: Skip the expensive restaurants and instead try delicious and affordable street food such as kapana (grilled meat) or fat cakes. You also have the option of stocking up on food for a picnic at local markets or preparing a meal at a self-catering facility. When fellow campers stay in a national park, they sometimes prepare meals together, which is great because these meals give everyone a chance to socialize with fellow travelers and locals.

Activities: Free activities abound in Namibia. You can hike through breathtaking landscapes, explore historic towns or simply relax under a tree before heading to your next location. If you're traveling on a budget, take advantage of Namibia's vast expanses for stargazing. Nowhere else will you find such a light pollution-free sky! You can also save money by going on self-drive safaris in national parks instead of organized tours. Many waterholes in Etosha National Park, for example, are accessible by car, so you can observe wildlife at your own pace.

The best budget itinerary through Namibia

To inspire you further, here is a suggested 10-day itinerary for the budget-conscious adventurer:

Days 1-2: Windhoek: After your arrival in Namibia's capital, you can stroll through the lively Independence Avenue and browse the bustling street markets. While exploring the city, visit the Alte Feste Museum to gain an insight into Namibia's colonial past.

Days 3-5: Etosha National Park: A budget Namibia safari is best done in Etosha National Park. Etosha has comfortable campsites in the park, so you can experience the beauty of game viewing without breaking your budget. Here you can spend your days on game drives around waterholes, spotting elephants, lions and a variety of other animals.
Be sure to bring a powerful zoom lens to capture the wildlife up close without having to book expensive guided tours. Know in advance the locations of the waterholes in the park and plan your drives strategically to maximize wildlife viewing opportunities.

Days 6-7: Swakopmund: This charming coastal town offers a taste of German heritage and fresh seafood. To save money, stay in a hostel or guesthouse and take part in free activities such as exploring the beach, strolling through the quaint stores selling local crafts and picnicking at the Mole, a small harbor known for its resident seal colony.

Day 8: Spitzkoppe: This "Matterhorn of Namibia" is a fascinating day trip from Swakopmund. You can hike or climb the granite peak to enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding desert landscape. Entrance fees are minimal and some campsites are even close to the foot of the mountain.

Days 9-10: Sesriem and Sossusvlei: Visiting the awe-inspiring sight of the towering red dunes of Sossusvlei at sunrise or sunset will stay with you forever. For an even more incredible experience, you can stay overnight in the Namib-Naukluft National Park. Entrance fees apply, but you can keep costs down by camping in the park.

Other excellent places to see

This itinerary is just a starting point. Here are some additional budget-friendly options:

Skeleton Coast: A day tour to a section of this dramatic coastline is a wonderful experience. While some tours require specialized vehicles to move over the rough terrain, there are also easy tours that offer views of the shipwrecks from specific vantage points. Park entrance fees apply, but these tours are generally budget-friendly.

Fish River Canyon: For the truly adventurous, consider a multi-day, self-guided hike through the majestic Fish River Canyon. A permit is required, but camping fees are minimal. Make sure you plan and prepare accordingly. The hike is challenging and requires a good level of fitness.

Remember: budget travel requires planning and flexibility. So make the most of the unexpected, prepare some of your own meals in the communal kitchens at campsites and make the most of free activities.

Namibia will truly reward those who visit. If you are looking for affordable Namibia tours, you can contact us today and let our helpful and experienced team assist you with your travel plans.