Adventure in the bush
20 nights | 21 days

20 nights | 21 days
20 nights | 21 days
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20 nights | 21 days

Self-drive | camping and permanent accommodation

Highlights: Windhoek,. Kalahari Desert, Fish River Canyon, Aus, Lüderitz and Kolmanskop, Sossusvlei and Sesriem Canyon, Deadvlei (Unesco World Heritage Site), Swakopmund, Twyfelfontein (Unesco World Heritage Site), desert-adapted elephants, Etosha National Park - diversity of wildlife in the wild, changing landscapes, encounters with Bushmen.

Included services:

  • 20 x overnight stays
  • 6 x breakfast
  • 4 x dinner
  • 21 days four-wheel drive rental car with camping equipment & roof tent
  • Detailed travel documents
  • 1 x Namibia book
  • Personal meeting in Windhoek

Price per person 

From: NAD 59,120.00

Tour program

This tour program is intended as a suggestion, and depending on your wishes, schedule and budget, we will be happy to create a tailor-made program for you.

Namibia self drive safari
1 Overnight: Hotel in Windhoek

Arrival at Windhoek airport. Transfer to the rental car company in Windhoek, pick up your rental car with camping equipment and roof tent. Afterwards you can drive into town and buy provisions for the first camping stage.
For this first evening in Windhoek you should book the desired restaurant in advance. We will be happy to make the table reservation for you.
Optional activities: Guided Katutura tour, city tour (also on your own).
2 Overnight: Camping in the Kalahari surroundings
After breakfast, drive south into the Kalahari.
Behind the Auas Mountains, the vastness of the land opens up like a picture book. On the way you will discover gigantic sieve weavers' nests in ancient camel thorn acacias.
As you approach the lodge, endless linear dunes stretch across the limestone soil of the Kalahari. Oryx, springbok and smaller steenbok make wonderful animal motifs in the red dune sand. The Kalahari (also known as the Kgalagadi) is a thorn bush savannah, sometimes also a dry savannah, but is occasionally referred to as a desert due to the predominance of sand.
Once you have arrived at your camping accommodation, you have some time to relax.
Optional activities: In the afternoon, guided panoramic drive in the red Kalahari dunes with sundowner. The drive is carried out in an open and comfortable off-road vehicle with a lot of passion and without any hustle and bustle. It is a tour to get to know the Kalahari with unforgettable landscapes.
Explore the Kalahari on foot and on your own, a map with hiking trails is available at the reception.
3 Overnight: Camp in the Keetmanshoop area
(dinner | accommodation | breakfast)
Before breakfast, you have the option of visiting a Bushman village. There you will learn about the way of life and some of the wisdom of this indigenous people.
Then continue south through the contrasting desert world. The journey takes you past the Quiver Tree Forest near Keetmannshoop.
Looking out over this harsh and unforgiving landscape, it is hard to imagine that you are standing at the foot of an ancient lake. True to Namibia, this is a place of contrast and diversity, with the history of the earth clearly visible in the beautiful rock formations.
4 Overnight: Camping at the Fish River Canyon

Today the journey continues south to the Fish River Canyon. At 650 kilometers, the Fish River is the longest river in Namibia. A very long time ago, it set off from the Naukluft Mountains in search of the Orange River in the south of the country. But mountains stood in its way and so, over 120 million years of painstaking work, it created the largest canyon in Africa, the Fish River Canyon. Not far from this enormous canyon landscape, in a direct line to the viewpoints, lies your destination for today, a campsite not far from the canyon.
5 Overnight: Camping at Fish River Canyon

Today you have the option of taking a guided tour to visit the canyon's viewpoints. The Fish River Canyon is a gigantic labyrinth where temperatures of 50 degrees are normal in summer.
6 Overnight stay: Lodge near Aus
(dinner | overnight stay | breakfast)

You venture further into the Namib Desert and spend the night in a lodge near Aus. Admittedly, an excursion to the Grand Duke Friedrich Mountain, the Kempinskiberg or the 2,484-metre-high Moltkeblick sounds very unusual. But you are still in Namibia. And the scene of history, where your next accommodation is located at 1,400 meters, is now called the Aus Mountains. A place where everyone can come to rest. Silence, endless expanses, a fantastic view of the Aus Mountains and widescreen sunsets are the program for a pleasurable slowdown.

Overnight stay: Lodge at Aus
(dinner | overnight stay | breakfast)

You can organize the day as you wish.

Drive to Lüderitz in the morning with a visit to Kolmannskuppe. The first diamond was found by chance in 1908. The resulting boom led to the rapid growth of this settlement on the northern border of the restricted diamond area, which was initially only intended as a diamond prospecting camp. The wealth of the inhabitants, based on diamonds, gave rise to Kolmanskop. Over the decades, the desert reclaimed what man had wrested from it. The houses deteriorated visibly and sand piled up meters high in the ruins. Some of the interior furnishings were destroyed or taken away. Kolmanskop finally became a ghost town.

Continue to the small harbor town of Lüderitz, where you will also have the opportunity to buy more provisions for the next camping stage. Just 20,000 people live here. At first glance, the town presents an extremely bizarre sight. On one side the sea, on the other the desert and in the middle a small town built on the bare rock. The town's landmark is the church, which was built on the highest point of the rock in 1911.

On the way back to Aus you might spot the wild horses at the Garub waterhole.

8 Overnight stay: Camping in the Tiras area
Today you drive through a geologically beautiful area into the southern Namib Desert. The rugged Tiras Mountains rise like a chain of islands from the endless expanses of red dunes and yellow grasslands. In the afternoon you arrive at the campsite in the middle of this magical landscape.
9 Overnight: Camping in the Sossusvlei area

Today you continue your journey into the southern Namib Desert. In the afternoon you will reach your campsite, which is situated not far from the famous Sossusvlei.
10 Overnight: Camping in the Sossusvlei area

This morning you can explore the sights of Sesriem Park. A dune landscape in the morning light offers an unforgettable scenery. For many years, the sporadically flowing water of the Tsauchab dry river has been fighting its way through the ever-growing dune landscape of the Namib Desert. However, it will never reach the sea, but seeps into a natural dune dam. Sossusvlei is surrounded by the highest dunes in the world, which suck the last bit of strength out of your legs as you climb them. Once you reach the top, you are richly rewarded with a fantastic view. Dune 45 is the most popular dune to climb.
11 Overnight stay: Camping in the Namib Desert

Continue via Solitaire and through the enchanting landscapes of the Namib Desert. Upon reaching Solitaire, visitors will first notice the many car wrecks picturesquely draped along the roadsides. As you drive on, the gravel plains of the Namib spread out before you, with a mountain here and there on the shimmering horizon. Today's drive is not too far, and halfway between Sesriem and Swakopmund is the next lodge in the middle of the Namib Desert. Here you can relax extensively and also go on hikes in the surrounding area.
12 Overnight stay: Hotel in Swakopmund
(bed | breakfast)

Today the journey continues via Walvis Bay to Swakopmund. The long gravel roads are occasionally decorated with a small plume of dust. You are surrounded by breathtaking expanses and the most beautiful landscapes of the desert. You drive through granite sculpture landscapes, ancient erosion valleys and cross the occasional dry river. Arrive in Swakopmund at midday.
Optional activities: quad biking, camel riding, visit to the museum, aquarium, crystal gallery, riding safari, flight over the Skeleton Coast or Sossusvlei

Overnight: Hotel in Swakopmund
(bed | breakfast)

This morning you have the option of taking part in an optional catamaran boat trip. Other activities such as desert tours or quad biking are also an option in Swakopmund and the surrounding area.Catamaran cruise: Between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund, on the rugged coast of the Atlantic Ocean, you will experience the unique nature and wildlife of the Walvis Bay lagoon on board a spacious and comfortable catamaran. The four-hour trip takes you from the industrial harbor across the Walvis Bay oyster beds out to Pelican Point, home to a large colony of fur seals. The tour offers many highlights. Among other things, pelicans are hand-fed in flight. You will learn many interesting things about these animals and with a bit of luck, depending on the season, you will also see whales, leatherback turtles or moonfish (mola-molas). The desert tour, also known as the Living Desert Tour, is a unique experience in four-wheel drive vehicles, which aims to show our visitors the impressive beauty of the Namib Desert and demonstrate life in the desert. The coastal dune belt, which may seem barren and lifeless to some, is home to a fascinating variety of small animals that have adapted to the desert. They survive thanks to the fog that regularly rolls in from the cold Atlantic Ocean.

Come and admire the "dancing white lady", a spider that spins its wheel down the dunes at 44 revolutions per second to escape an enemy. Marvel at the transparent desert gecko with toe fins that fulfill the function of snowshoes. Learn about the different beetles and insects and how they survive in the desert. Follow the tracks of the legless lizard, watch anchietas desert lizards diving into the sand and dancing on the glowing sand, the side-scooping otter snake, desert chameleons and countless other awe-inspiring creatures. Familiarize yourself with the geological structures of the desert and enjoy the endless beauty of the landscape during a drive through the dunes. A unique opportunity to experience the desert up close.


Overnight stay: Lodge near Twyfelfontein
(dinner | overnight stay | breakfast)

Continue north on the salt road towards Henties Bay via Uis northwards into Damaraland, both regions in the northwest are characterized by lonely expanses and barren desert landscapes, which are repeatedly interrupted by green oases and are home to the famous desert elephants.

You arrive at your accommodation in the early afternoon. Damaraland offers a wealth of geological and archaeological highlights. Named after the Damara people, the region is home to Namibia's highest peak, the Brandberg, and Twyfelfontein, one of the most important rock engravings and paintings of the San, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

15 Overnight: Camping at the Grootberg Plateau

This morning you have the option of visiting the rock engravings at Twyfelfontein on your own. The Twyfelfontein area is famous for some of the best Bushman drawings and rock engravings in Southern Africa. Interesting rock formations and the remains of prehistoric volcanic activity include the Organ Pipes, the Burnt Mountain, the Doros Crater and the Petrified Forest before continuing to the Grootberg Massif in Damaraland, where you will spend the next two nights in this picturesque landscape
16 Overnight: Camping at the Grootberg Plateau
Optional: Today you should take part in a guided rhino tracking activity, or you can also consider a desert elephant tour. Hikes in this picturesque area are also an option.
17 Overnight: Safari tent camping near Etosha National Park (self-catering)
After breakfast, you drive in a north-easterly direction, in the immediate vicinity of the world-famous Etosha National Park. Here, just outside the central Anderson Gate, lies your next camping accommodation with views of the surrounding savannah environment.
18 Overnight: Safari tent camping near Etosha National Park (self-catering)
Full-day game drive in Etosha Park on your own. Right from the entrance you have the opportunity to spot big game in the wild. The Etosha National Park has a biodiversity that is hard to beat. A variety of animals gather at the waterholes, which can lead to a spectacular experience. Every single waterhole has a unique character. For example, the Okondeka waterhole is one of the best for lion spotting. The predator can often be spotted here with prey. The waterhole is a natural spring and is located a little further north of Okaukuejo directly on the western edge of the pan. You return to your campsite in the late afternoon.
19 Overnight: Safari tent camping near Etosha National Park (self-catering)
Today you have another opportunity to explore Etosha National Park in your own vehicle. You leave the park before sunset and return to the campsite.
20 Overnight: Camping in a private game reserve near the Oromboko Mountains

Today's drive takes you further south to a private game reserve that is dedicated to the African cats. Optionally, you can take part in a leopard tracking activity here, for example.

Return flight to Germany.
The morning is at leisure before the drive back to the capital Windhoek. Here you have the opportunity to buy a souvenir that you have not yet found. The Bushmen Art Souvenirs, Ernst Holz, and the Craft Center are suitable.

Return your rental car in Windhoek and transfer to Hosea Kutako Airport.